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Please consider asking someone else to do your shopping or collect your prescriptions. (see prescriptions tab below)
Jones Coaches are offering a free prescription collections service. You can call them on 01352 733292 or email them at help@jonesholidays.co.uk to organise this. ***PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL FIRST HEAR A RECORDED MESSAGE STATING THE BUSINESS IS CLOSED – THIS IS JUST FOR HOLIDAYS – YOU WILL NEED TO WAIT FOR THIS TO FINISH BEFORE GETTING THE OPTION FOR THE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE*** You can also register with Pharmacy 2 U - repeat prescriptions will be ordered and delivered to your home free of charge. You will need to give notice before your prescriptions are needed, so please do not rely on this service in an emergency. Their website is: https://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/
Medical appointments, such as blood tests, are usually continuing as normal during Lockdown. Your GP surgery or local hospital should contact you if this is not the case.
If you are unable to do your own shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic, and do not have any friends or family who are able to do this for you, please go to http://www.feedingflintshire.co.uk/ for a list of local organisations that offer this service.


Morrisons Doorstep delivery service is available to vulnerable and elderly members of the community, unable to go shopping in-store. Call 0345 611 6111 and select option 5 to place your order. Any order placed before 5pm we will aim to deliver the next day. In order to use this service you must live within 10 miles of a Morrisons store. There is a limit of three per item whilst using this service. The delivery is limited to essential items only – more information on this can be found at https://my.morrisons.com/doorstep-deliveries Deliveries will adhere to the current social distancing rules so to avoid contact we strongly encourage contactless card payments only, if this isn't possible chip and pin card payments are available but no cash payments can be accepted.
• Food retailers • Pharmacies • Hardware stores • Corner shops • Petrol stations • Shops in hospital • Post offices • Banks • Newsagents • Laundrettes • Pet shops
• Clothes shops • Book shops • Electrical stores • Hairdressers & salons • Bed & Breakfasts • Hotels • Markets (both indoor & outdoor) • Pubs & Restaurants
A lot of supermarkets are operating differently during Lockdown. Please bear the following in mind before going shopping for essentials: • Opening times for supermarkets may be different to normal. Check your preferred supermarket’s website for more information: • Most supermarkets are operating special shopping hours for the elderly and vulnerable. [insert graphic] • A lot of stores are operating a one person per shop policy. Security guards may turn you away if you arrive in groups of 2 or more. They may allow exceptions for those with physical disabilities, or for a parent and children who would not be able to purchase essentials otherwise. • You may be required to use hand sanitiser, and/or clean the handle of your trolley before after using it. Store security will provide the products needed to do this free of charge.
The Government has introduced emergency legislation meaning that you cannot be evicted during the COVID-19 outbreak. Check this link for information: https://gov.wales/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-for-tenants-in-the-private-rented-sector-html#section-39094
You may be eligible for a mortgage holiday if you have been financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact your mortgage broker for information.
From 19th March for 3 months, claimants do not need to attend Job Centre appointments. No benefit reassessments will be undertaken either. For more information, click here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-what-to-do-if-youre-already-getting-benefits
Courses include: • Understanding Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and your Baby • Understand your Baby • Understanding your Child • Understanding your Teenager’s Brain To access these FREE courses, please go to www.inourplace.co.uk – Access code: NWSOL.
Keeping children and young people entertained and engaged during the COVID-19 lockdown is a challenge; parents of those with additional needs may need extra support. Please have a look through this document for a more detailed overview. Supporting_Children_with_LD_ASD

Adult Services Single Point of Access (SPOA) - 03000 858858 or SPOA@flintshire.gov.uk https://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/Resident/Social-Services/Social-Services.aspx

Flintshire County Council Contact Centre – 01352 752121 Please contact this number for all general enquires or to be directed to relevant department within FCC, including housing benefit/enquiries, council tax, waste collection. Family Information Services (FIS) - are the first point of contact for advice and information on local services for families and carers. http://www.fis.wales/ Flintshire Family Information Service: email:(for Family Information Service enquiries only) fisf@flintshire.gov.uk https://www.flintshire.gov.uk/en/Resident/Social-Services/Family-Information-Service.aspx

Dewis Cymru - For information or advice about your well-being – or want to know how you can help somebody else. https://www.dewis.wales/the-place-for-wellbeing-in-wales

The FDF Centre for Independent Living will be continuing to work during the coming months supporting disabled people throughout Flintshire, Wrexham and Denbighshire. Able to offer telephone consultations, advice and information to disabled people who may be struggling to understand their benefits, housing and health information. They take referrals from social services, housing officers, health providers, local community engagement workers and self-referrals. Also offer a telephone befriending service. Email admin@thefdf.org.uk or befriender@thefdf.org.uk or call 01352 756618 http://www.thefdf.org.uk/