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Self Advocacy For Empowerment

Self-advocacy doesn’t mean going it alone

This Self Advocacy programme will help you to develop your skills and confidence so that you will feel more able to express your own views and to bring about changes that can affect your life.
You can be supported to advocate for yourself and the amount of support you need (if any) will vary according to your personal situation.

Be the best version of you

The sessions presented through SAFE will look at the many barriers that can prevent a person from self-advocating and the programme will be tailored to meet the needs of those taking part. Sessions will improve confidence, communication and listening skills, assertiveness and developing personal strengths. The atmosphere will be relaxed, fun, stimulating (and sometimes challenging). Following this programme there will be the opportunity for some participants to become facilitators of the programme with support.

SAFE is available to residents of Flintshire and Conwy
SAFE is Free!

We can even help with transport costs

SAFE is useful, interesting and FUN!

You will come away from each session with lots of valuable hints and tips for improving your existing skills.

Hybrid environment

Don’t feel ready for a group of people?
All of our sessions are also online!
Attend via Microsoft Teams for free.
Without leaving the comfort of your home


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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

When I first started SAFE I felt awful, I was not used to being around people, it was a major thing for me, I was crying and scared, but everyone was really good with me, they didn’t judge me, and it felt like a safe place. After the first session I could feel that there was something special about SAFE and I couldn’t wait for the next session. My confidence got better, and I started speaking out.

I am less pessimistic and can look at the positive side now. Because I am more positive, I am not fearing as much. Things aren’t as negative, and I am not fearing the worst all the time. I know good things will happen in my life. It’s helping me cut out negativity, people, and situations. I am not scared of cutting negative things out of my life. I feel free and much happier. It feels like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I am coping with stress much better than I was and I know I can deal with things head on. I will keep fighting whereas before I would give up because I couldn’t take any more.

SAFE has kept me going, the SAFE sessions have helped me be more assertive and able to explain how I see and handle things. The fact that I could still talk to people who got it and it’s a safe place to be and access the support was a big help. Learning something new every time is great, and you guys are amazing.