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Relevant Persons Representatives

The supervisory body must appoint an RPR for every person whom they give a standard authorisation for a deprivation of liberty

Our Paid Relevant Persons Representatives (RPR) are qualified advocates who have specialist knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards legislation.

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The role of the Paid Relevant Persons Representative is to:

Maintain contact with the relevant person
Represent and support the relevant person in all matters relating to the deprivation of liberty safeguards
Request a Part 12 review of the DoLS where required
If necessary, challenge the authorisation through local means, where possible. Or ultimately, refer the case to the Court of Protection

The service we provide:

Primarily in the North East Wales area, however we will travel farther afield when requested
Regular vists made at the frequency you request (usually monthly)
Reports sent to the Supervisory Body usually within a week of the visit
Current cost is under review hourly billing inclusive of Visits, Travel, Admin and Report Writing

*price subject to change.

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