Paid RPR

Make a Referral

Our Paid Relevant Persons Representatives (RPR) are qualified advocates who have specialist knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards legislation.
The supervisory body must appoint an RPR for every person to whom they give a standard authorisation for deprivation of liberty. It is important that the representative is appointed at the time the authorisation is given or as soon as possible and practical thereafter.

The role of the Paid Relevant Persons Representative is to:
• Maintain contact with the relevant person.
• Represent and support the relevant person in all matters relating to the deprivation of liberty safeguards.
• Trigger a review.
• If necessary, challenge the authorisation through local means, where possible. Or ultimately, refer the case to the Court of Protection.

The Paid Relevant Persons Representatives are independent of the commissioner’s and providers of the services the person is receiving.

This service is currently charged at £30* per hour (inclusive of Client Visits, Travel and Admin)

*as of 05/08/2019 – Subject to change

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