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When does the Independent Professional Advocacy role apply?

The IPA role will apply from the point of first contact with the local authority and at any subsequent stage of the assessment, planning, care review, safeguarding enquiry or safeguarding adult review. If it appears to the authority that a person has care and support needs, then a judgement must be made as to whether that person has substantial difficulty in being involved and if there is not an appropriate individual to support them. An IPA must be appointed to support and represent the person for the purpose of assisting their involvement if these two conditions are met and if the individual is required to take part in one or more of the following processes described in the Wellbeing Act:
• a needs assessment
• a care assessment
• the preparation of a care and support or a support plan
• a review of a care and support or a support plan
• a safeguarding enquiry
• a safeguarding adult review

In Flintshire we provide an Independent Professional Advocacy service, or IPA. This means that any adult who has social care needs can use our service. This service is part of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

Who can we work with?

• older people
• people who are disabled
• carers
• people with mental health issues living in the community
• people who have long term illnesses
• People with a learning difficulty
• people who are unable to instruct an Advocate themselves
• people who are vulnerable for other reasons
• parents who are involved with Children and Family Services

We can work with any adult who has social care needs whether or not those needs are being met. 

When can we work with someone?

The advocacy service is there to support people who are finding it difficult to have their voices heard or face a barrier to being part of their:
• care assessments
• care planning
• care reviews
• safeguarding process

Advocacy Services North East Wales operate with a
“SEAMLESS LINK” between services.
If you are a client in the community and become an IMHA/IMCA client we will endeavour to ensure you keep the same advocate.

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