Carers Advocacy


A carers’ role can be pretty demanding and sometimes people can find it difficult to get heard, an advocate may be able to help by supporting you to express your needs and wishes, to access services and to find the right information. An advocate can also represent your interests if you feel unable to speak for yourself, or support you by just being there in the room with you as discussions are taking place.

The Carer’s Advocacy Service is completely…
–We are independent from statutory organisations.
– There is no charge to you for our services.
– Whatever you tell us – stays with us, we work within the boundaries of our confidentiality policy but that will be fully explained.
– we don’t judge anyone, you are who you are and we accept that everyone is different. So if you feel we could be of any help to you, don’t struggle on alone

Advocacy Services North East Wales operate with a
“SEAMLESS LINK” between services.
If you are a client in the community and become an IMHA/IMCA client we will endeavour to ensure you keep the same advocate.

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